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The Craftsmen and The Agra Stone Handicrafts

  • 2 years ago
  • Author: Shubhra SPM
  • 1559

The art of carving stones is a lot more than an occupation for the craftsmen and artisans of India, and especially Agra. This intricate form of art is deemed very precious to the local artists but with the coming of age technologies and techniques, the art is on the edge of losing its divinity. Surveys show that 900 craftsmen of Agra have their livelihoods dependant upon this but with the trade taking place just within the town and the lack of resources among guilds is surfacing as an obstruction. Agra Stone Handicrafts with the support of Manav Kalyan Sewa Samiti decided to come forward to render assistance and guidance for the craftsmen and stone carving communities of Agra.

This effort intends to create opportunities and employment for skilled individuals, encourage entrepreneurial development amongst them and bring them to the point where they are self-sufficient and confident about their ingenuity and accomplishments. The hope is to create an environment that empowers the craftsmen of the country and provides recognition for their hard work on a worldwide scale, helps them boost revenue, and drives profit both domestically and internationally with their prowess. This initiative works to strengthen business and trade ties with countries all over the world, and, most significantly, give India a global reputation in the art, handicraft, and manufacturing sectors.

Our country is laden with rich traditions and cultures that leave a trail of ethnic importance in the history of art. The artistry involved in the practice of carving stones and rocks into beautiful structures that resemble our heritage holds a very close place in our hearts. India has one of the world's most prominent stone-carving traditions that have managed to stay renowned in our consciences with great significance. And that is why it is important for us to preserve and nurture them before they disappear in the wake of time. Over centuries the craftsmen and masonry carvers' clans have operated here with utmost diligence and efficiency, holding their competence intact. Many artists and craftspeople flourish in this art, and many more need to be mentored in it. They desire guidance to hail in their beloved art form. Our organization strives to foster their abilities, generate opportunities for them, and encourage them towards entrepreneurialism by presenting them with the right opportunity. Aside from that, the organization works to promote stone carving craftsmen in an attempt to optimize the guilds' general socio-economic status as well as the socio-economic status of everyone affiliated with the network.